Special Events, Trips and Visits

We hope you enjoy looking through our photo/video gallery of a selection of Special Events, Trips and Visits.  Please click on the images below to see more.



                       Eclipse                                     Holocaust                   Year 5 Choir sing at the

                                                                                                                Albert Hall, London                      Visit to France


         Chef of the Year 2016                          Year 8                                        Year 7                           World Book Day

                                                                    Career's Fair                        Goodrich Castle


         Behaviour & Attendance            Behaviour & Attendance              Celebration                           

              Summer Reward                          Autumn Reward                      Assembly                                Book Fair



              Black County Museum                 G&T Maths Group                     Spoken English

                                                                  at Warwick Races                       Competition


Stargazing Evening

 Activity Week in Year 7