Goodrich Castle: 

This year saw the Year 7 undertake their annual trip to Goodrich Castle.  This day is always eagerly anticipated, as the students get to experience History first- hand.  Students are shown around the castle and given lots of useful information about what life was like for those that were living in the castle.  They are able to go up the steep stairs of The Keep and look out over the Welsh/English border and admire the amazing countryside that surround the castle:  The views are especially good when the weather is clear and both days we were lucky enough to have beautiful sunshine.  The students then had a treasure hunt, where they were given questions and they had to use the information around the site to answer them - this was a chance for them to find out extra information and investigate the areas more, which they liked the most.  The final task takes place outside of the castle walls, they analyse the walls to look at how the castle would defend itself when under attack.  Students then attack the castle themselves with some of them taking on the roles of the soldiers, who would have had to defend it from enemy attack.  They realise that speed and strength is not always the best - but strategic planning is needed.  A very good day, which was enjoyed by all.  The teachers are always very impressed with the attitude and behaviour and it was a pleasure to hear a member of the public comment on how good Birchensale students were during the day.