Birchensale Middle School commemorate  the Holocaust every year by the planting of a tree.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Every year Birchensale Middle School plants a tree to remember the survivors of different genocides that have occurred in our world. In the last three years we have planted: an apple tree, a pear tree and a cherry tree:  this year we planted a Green Gauge Plum tree.  You can see these flourishing in our Remembrance Garden and hopefully, this year we will see fruit appearing on our first tree from 2014. 

In 2017 the theme is all about understanding ‘How life can go on.’ We are all aware of the issues that individuals and communities go through during genocide events, but it is important that we realise that this is only the beginning of the journey, as it is important to remember the challenges that are subsequently faced afterwards by those involved. 

During an assembly the Year 7s were reminded of the horrors of the Holocaust and how 6 million Jewish men, women and children lost their lives under the Nazi rule and how the survivors of this atrocity ensure that this event is never forgotten, so that the generations of today and the future never have to face the events that they did.

After the planting of the tree the Year 7 history group learnt about one such individual: Chanrithy Him. She grew up under the Khmer Rouge regime and lost her parents and siblings under their rule whilst living in the labour camps.  Year 7 were able to hear about her story and although she will never forget what has happened she is able to tell people what happened to her through the medium of words and dance.