This year sees the country celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day. Under normal circumstances, we would have held a range of activities in school to explain the significance of this event to the pupils. Whilst we cannot do that in the traditional way, we would still like to provide a short online virtual assembly. Given that the school is ‘closed’ for the bank holiday this Friday we plan to hold the assembly at 3:25 pm on Thursday.

We have set up a temporary Whole School Microsoft Team for this event. If children would like to be part of the assembly, then BEFORE 3:15 pm on Thursday they need to click on the following link VE Day Virtual Assembly where they can request to be added to the Team.

Just before 3:25pm on Thursday they can then use the link and join the live virtual session. This session will be structured more like an assembly and due to numbers expected, there will be limited opportunities for children to contribute through the chat mechanism.


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