Fifth transition activity added (15th June 8:45am)

We have added another transition activity to the website that can be found here: Click Here

The activity can also be found below

Activity Five: Looking Forward

Moving to a new school is a daunting experience, and I am sure you will have lots of mixed feelings. You will feel sad about leaving your first schools, but hopefully excited about your new school and the new opportunities that you will gain. For activity five, we would like you to think of all the wonderful memories you have of your first schools and draw or write them in one lens of the sunglasses (see the template below); in the other lens, draw or write all of the things that you’re looking forward to about coming to Birchensale. I’ve completed an example below. Can you guess which first school and middle school I went to?

Mrs Cartwright’s Looking Forward Glasses

When you’ve completed your ‘Looking Forward’ sunglasses, send a photo or scanned copy to my email: 
I ‘look forward’ to hearing about your memories of first school and I am excited for you to make new memories with us! ?