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What stationery or equipment will I need for my lessons?

You will need the following items:

Handwriting pen (blue or black)
Colouring pencils
Geometry set (not compulsory)
Calculator (not compulsory)
Plastic folder (to store equipment, planner/diary and homework – not compulsory)

You will also need a lanyard for your locker key and a key tab to write your name and class on if you misplace your locker key.

You can purchase lots of items from our library shop when you join us (see photos above and price list below). The library shop is cash only.

​You should also bring a water bottle with you to school. 

Please ensure all of your equipment is named. It will be your responsibility to look after your things. 

At the moment, we have not been informed by the government that you will not be able to bring your equipment with you when you join us in September, but please check our website for updates and announcements during your summer holiday.