Tenth transition activity added (2nd September 3:00pm)

We have a final transition activity to the website that can be found here: Click Here

The activity can also be found below

Activity Ten: Emotion Spinner

With the start of the term only tomorrow, you will feel lots of mixed emotions. We are certain that you will be feeling a little nervous but try not to worry as everyone (including the teachers!) will be feeling like this too. We also hope that you are feeling excited to start a new school and make lots of new friends. 

With the unusual changes that have occurred already this year, you may feel even more unsure about starting at a new school. When you join us, we will do lots of activities to talk about our emotions, which will help you to understand that it is okay to feel like this and that it is normal. We will also talk about different ways of managing the emotions and feelings we all have. To help you to talk about your emotions with the people you live with, there is an emotion spinner which you can print out and make below; you could even make your own and replace the emotions. 

We are so excited to welcome you to Birchensale and we cannot wait to get to know you all. On Thursday morning when you have butterflies fluttering in your tummy, remember it is okay. After a few days at Birchensale, those butterflies will have disappeared, and you will be feeling excitement with all the new and wonderful opportunities coming your way. If you find that you are still worrying after a week at Birchensale, talk to your form tutor or Mrs Cartwright and we will help you. 

Head of Year Five
Birchensale Middle School