Black History Month

New Weekly Competition for Year 7 & 8 pupils.

It’s October, so it’s Black History Month.  At Birchensale, we want to celebrate and commemorate the achievements and struggles that black men and women have had throughout history. 

Every week in October, Miss Vaughan will be setting you different challenges to complete, to help you enrich your understanding of different black history people and events. 

Why don’t you start by having a watch of this clip which gives you a brief insight to some of these?

Week 3 – Research Project

Think of a black person you admire – this could be a contemporary or historical figure. 

TASK – Draw a picture of the person then complete some research about them.  Think about their life and why you think they are admired. Take a photo of the picture you have drawn and email it to Miss Vaughan, along with your research. CLOSING DATE: 6th November 2020 

Week 2 – The Windrush Diaries

SS Windrush docked in Tilbury in Essex on June 21st 1948. This was the start of post-war migration to Britain from the Caribbean. Between 1948 and 1970 nearly 500 thousand people left their homes in the West Indies to come to Britain. They were all British citizens and had the right to work and settle in Britain. They came for various reasons: most had responded to a call from Britain for workers in the transport system, the postal service and hospitals. Some came to work for a while before returning home with money they had saved; others were looking for better opportunities for themselves and their families. Many were soldiers who had fought for Britain during World War 2.

TASK – Complete independent research, then imagine that you just arrived in Britain on the SS Windrush. Your task is to write a letter home describing your experiences. CLOSING DATE: 2nd November 2020

Week 1 – Quiz

If you would like to take part this week, have a look at the ppt quiz below to see how many names you can answer.  Use the separate answer sheet to help you.  Find it here on the website, but also under teams for KS3 2020.  The first person from each year group to email me the correct answers, will gain a commendation, but anyone who enters will also gain housepoints. 

Happy Quizzing!

Black History Month Competition

Black History Month Competition Answer Sheet