Year 7 & 8 Music – BBC 10 Pieces Trailblazers

Year 7 and 8 have been studying the BBC 10 Pieces Trailblazers – looking at musical leaders who have had a big impact in how music is heard and understood.

The musicians they have studied include:

Kerry Andrews – No Place Like home – a musical soundscape about the places we live. The pupils created artwork and poetry based on what home means to them.

Ravi Shankar – Symphony – Learning about Raga and Tala. The pupils created collages to represent Tala – drumming and Raga – Colour.

Hans Zimmer  – Earth – A reflective piece exploring how our planet could be viewed from Space.

Edward Elgar – Enigma variations – cracking the code of musical portraits. The children created visual portraits with thoughts and memories of people they are missing during lockdown.