Year 8 End of Term Arrangements

As we approach the end of another academic year, we are starting to think about end of year activities and arrangements in the context of Government COVID-19 restrictions. The final arrangements, numbers & costings re yet to be agreed, however we would like to provide parents with a rough outline to some of the activities we have in mind.

An opportunity for our pupils to be invited to a ‘Leavers’ Party’ (end of year celebration). Roughly – £3 per pupil. Please note, due to the current situation and to keep costs down this will not be taking the form of a Prom. (One of the main reasons for this, is that the Government could cancel our arrangements at any time and we would hate for any money to be lost on dresses, car hire etc).

A chance to purchase a ‘Leavers’ Hoodie’ with pupils’ names on them – Roughly £13 per pupil.

An afternoon off site visiting a local activity centre as a ‘Reward for Effort, Attitude & Behaviour’ – Roughly £16.

All details should be finalised soon, so look out for this information soon after the Half Term break.