Our Vision

Every student leaves Birchensale with the skills, motivation and personal qualities to enable lifelong success.

The vision of our school is embodied in the words Belong, Motivate, Succeed. We strive to ensure that everyone feels they belong in our school community; happy, valued and respected. We recognise that every Birchensale pupil deserves the best and we aim to motivate them to succeed by reaching their potential in every area of school life – academic, social, personal, physical and spiritual. We do this by ensuring that each child has access to an inclusive curriculum, which allows individuals the scope to explore their talents, challenges and supports them when needed.

Our Values


  • Staff, pupils and parents work together to create a community spirit.
  • In our caring, supporting family environment pupils develop confidence and resilience.
  • We are relentlessly positive about our school, ourselves and those around us.
  • We value respect, politeness and honesty, at all times.


  • Pupils are motivated by a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum, that recognises fun and enjoyment at the heart of learning and development.
  • We encourage curiosity and enthusiasm through a wide offer of experiences.
  • Our positivity about our school, ourselves and those around us builds our self-esteem.


  • We have high expectations for all pupils regardless of starting points.
  • We act as role models and achieve excellent results as we know what works.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • Our pupils leave Birchensale equipped to meet the challenges of the future