‘Birchensale Middle School lies at the heart of the community. Our caring family values ensure the best possible environment for every pupil to realise their full potential’

Careers education and information at Birchensale Middle School is incorporated into all year groups to stimulate students’ interests in life and the world of work. The main aims of careers provision at Birchensale Middle School is to develop the skills, attitudes and abilities of our students to enable them to make effective decisions about their future education, training, employment and life as an adult member of society. We aim to ensure that all students have an equal entitlement to high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance, that:

• raises aspirations;
• empowers our pupils to plan and be inspired for their own futures;
• helps them understand the world of work and the personal and academic skills required to be successful within it;
• helps them to explore a broad range of career options;
• actively promotes equality of opportunity and challenge stereotypes;
• provides for the particular needs and aspirations of pupils, as well as offering a basic entitlement to broad areas of experience;
• equips pupils with the skills and knowledge for a fast-changing world;

Birchensale Middle School is an active member of the Worcestershire Enterprise Adviser Network which supports the development of Worcestershire’s Future Workforce through employer related careers activity. We are fully committed to ensuring that all of our students acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to manage their learning and career progression.

The School will assess the impact of its careers programmes on students by completing an annual student survey in line with activities that they have taken part in at school. We will also complete the Compass – careers benchmark tool.

Careers Lead – Mrs Amy Evans

Communication to Anne Willis 01527 68430 (aw225@birchensale.worcs.sch.uk)

We are very keen to engage with businesses and employers to help us inform and educate our students.  This links directly with Gatsby Benchmark 5 (Encounters with Employers and Employees) and Gatsby Benchmark 6 (Experiences of Workplaces). We provide many opportunities for businesses to interact with students: careers carousels, skills workshops, presentations etc.  

Opportunities for access to our curriculum and careers programme include opportunities for providers to come into school to speak to our pupils and/or their parents/carers. These can be arranged during timetabled Careers lessons or at other suitable times. Please speak to our designated staff member to identify the most suitable opportunity for your organisation. 

Providers wishing to request access should contact: Anne Willis 01527 68430 (aw225@birchensale.worcs.sch.uk) 

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