Chatty Families will be back soon.

Our Chatty Families Learning Club is for families where English is not their first language, but they are trying to learn and understand it more.  Below is a sample of what we do and what we learn, also please have a look at our photographs of one of our group sessions.

  • We have tea, coffee and biscuits together and talk about what we did at the weekend – in English, of course!
  • Pupils join our Chatty Family Learning Club for half of the session and together we try to solve crosswords, do word searches or sometimes different festivals activities – learning together and playing games is a great way for parents and children to learn together whilst having fun.
  • We celebrate together pupils’ birthdays or special days in their lives.
  • The parents take part in the Rosetta Stone Computer Program.

We learn together how to…

  • talk to a doctor
  • tell the time
  • order food in a restaurant
  • ask simple questions at a shop
  • understand the English grammar
  • introduce ourselves
  • understand and appreciate different cultures

Within the group there is also the opportunity to receive help when filling in any forms or writing an official letter.

It is a great way to share knowledge!