‘Birchensale Middle School lies at the heart of the community. Our caring family values ensure the best possible environment for every pupil to realise their full potential’

Computing at Birchensale Middle School is designed to foster both a broad and balanced view of the digital world. We want our pupils to be engaged and enthused throughout their learning journey. The programme of study provides children with opportunities to develop IT skills for the workplace, alongside logic and reasoning, and the ability interact, share and collaborate safely online. ‘Soft’ skills such as organisation, working with others, and refining work are all central to how the subject is taught. Breadth is achieved through a diverse range of topics that allow pupils to explore their own strengths and develop their potential. Depth is achieved by answering key questions, building upon the previous year’s learning and critically assessing how individual components fit into the ‘bigger picture’ of our digital world. By supporting our learners to be digitally literate, and exposing them to a range of IT skills and uses, we aim to equip them for ‘the jobs that don’t exist yet’ – and for life.

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