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Learning a Modern Foreign Language is an important part of our pupils’ curriculum, as languages are part of the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work. Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is designed to engage and challenge pupils to understand and communicate in other languages. We endeavour to develop enthusiastic learners by making learning languages a positive and enjoyable experience, through the use of a variety of teaching and learning activities. Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum focuses on building upon prior language skills and knowledge to develop pupils’ confidence and independence, as well as celebrating the success of all pupils. Our aim is to promote cultural awareness by supporting pupils to learn about and respect other countries and cultures. Ultimately, we want to instil a love of languages and to equip our pupils with the skills required for further study.

How do we deliver Modern Foreign Languages at Birchensale Middle School?

  • In KS2 pupils have 1 lesson of French per week.
  • In KS3 pupils have 2 lessons of Spanish per week.
  • Medium term planning has been designed by the MFL lead to develop pupils’ skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking, as well as core grammar and vocabulary.
  • Medium term planning incorporates opportunities for pupils to develop their cultural knowledge and understanding of French and Spanish speaking countries.
  • An extra-curricular MFL club for Year 8 complements our MFL curriculum to offer additional learning.
  • All year groups have opportunities to take part in MFL competitions throughout the year e.g., European Day of Languages, Christmas or Easter competitions, International Francophonie Day, Spanish Language Day.

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