High-quality teaching and learning are at the heart of Birchensale’s Home-Learning procedures. If
school is closed, either partially or fully, we aim to provide a home-learning experience that will enable all our students to continue to make progress through the curriculum so that, on return to school, subject curriculums can resume as smoothly as possible. Home-learning at Birchensale will, therefore, be a blended approach. Work provided to our students will be a combination of on-line work set through Microsoft Teams, live lessons delivered through Microsoft Teams and paper resources, delivered home.

What you can expect from your teachers:

  • Lessons will be engaging with appropriate challenge. They will be well-sequenced with retrieval
    introductions, new content clearly presented and opportunities to practice/demonstrate
  • Each lesson will form part of a sequence of lessons which, together, develop a deeper
    understanding of the curriculum.
  • Online lessons will be uploaded, by 9am on the day of the timetabled
    lesson. Paper resources (for those who requested these via the online access survey) will be
    sent out at the beginning of the week.
  • Lessons will have clear instructions for students and parents – either verbal or written.
  • Students can choose to do the lesson at any point during the day, but teachers will be available
    during the timetabled hour to answer any questions students might have.
  • Any safeguarding concerns communicated to a teacher by a student, during this period, will be
    logged with our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

What we expect from our students:

  • Each lesson will form part of a sequence of lessons, which together develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum. Therefore, students must adopt a consistent approach to their home learning.
  • Students will be working during school hours and must complete all work set via Teams or on
    paper resources.
  • Students do not have to follow their timetable chronologically, but all work set for that day should be completed by the end of the timetabled day.
  • Students can contact staff about the work via Microsoft Teams. Teachers will be available
    during the timetabled hour, or they will respond to student questions when they are next
  • You must only use Microsoft Teams or school e-mail to contact your teachers. This must not
    be done via social media platforms.
  • You are responsible for your work, so you must engage fully with home learning unless agreed
    with the school Failure to complete work set during this 14-day period will result in usual
    sanctions on return to school.