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Eco Council 2020

Pupils and staff have been collecting and re-using plastic bottle tops to create some colourful artwork for display in school. Pupils created a world map for the Geography department and a poppy for the History department, to remember all those that died in past wars.

The main piece of artwork is a silhouette of a tree against a colourful sky, and just because we could, we made a colourful parrot too.

Thank you to everyone who contributed bottle tops and took part in the making of these stunning pieces.

In 2018 Eco-Team will be launching a new project encouraging others to waste less food, at school and at home. 

Meanwhile, all pupils are involved in sowing, growing and harvesting foods that are used in our school kitchen. Mr Freeman and his gardening club play a key role in this and Birchensale takes great pride in how well tended our school grounds are. The amount of flowers that the club nurture for the summer is astounding. Did you see the size of the sunflowers and dahlias this summer?

We continue to monitor energy usage at school and took part in Switch it off week again in 2017. Total savings will be shared after Christmas.

As well as an Eco-Team, each class also has an Eco-Monitor who is responsible for emptying, recycling and switching things off.

An excellent team of litter pickers led by Milly Darby in Year 7 go out finding any accidentally dropped litter every day. They really do help our school grounds to look smart.

As a school, we also work hard to support others less fortunate than ourselves both locally and nationally. Pupils and staff recently donated a whole car load of food to our local foodbank. The food is to support the homeless and families in need this winter.

Please click here to see Our Eco Code.
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