English SATS

This year, SATs will be taking place. Pupils will be sitting three papers to assess their English skills:

  • Tuesday 9th May: pupils will sit their grammar and punctuation test (45 minutes) and their spelling test (15 minutes)
  • Wednesday 10th May: pupils will sit their reading test (60 minutes)

SATs are important, but it is more important that children do not feel worried about them. We are doing everything that we can in lessons to make sure that child has the skills and knowledge that they need to help them succeed.

We understand that you will also want to help your children at home.

Here are some things that you can do to help:

  • Reassure your child- for most children, this is their first experience of a ‘proper’ test. It is important that they do not feel worried or nervous about these tests.
  • Read with your child- this will not only help them with their reading skills, but it will also help them to relax and unwind. When your child is reading with you, ask them questions about the text to check that they are understanding what they are reading. You can also summarise what you have read and make predictions together too.
  • Spellings- your child has a spelling booklet that contains Year 5/6 statutory spellings. Please feel free to practise these at home too. Quite often, children are great at learning them for tests, but they might struggle to remember them after. To help, you can go back over previous words and see if you child can remember them. They key words can also be found below.
  • Resources- there are lots of good resources online that will help your child. We have placed a few here on the website for you to use. Please use these as often as you like as these will help your child to feel more prepared for SATs.
  • Sumdog- Sumdog is a fantastic resource, and it isn’t just for maths! When you are on Sumdog, you can also do grammar and spelling practice.  This is a great way to revise in a fun way- please encourage your child to use this for both maths AND English!

If you have any questions, you can always contact your child’s English teacher or form tutor. They will be able to help with any questions you might have. Thank you for your support.

English SATS – Resources to Download