Remote Learning – Music

Previously known as Ten Pieces at Home, Ten Pieces Tasters are simple, fun, creative activities for primary age children. The activities are easy to follow and do not require any specialist knowledge or equipment. Each activity is led by an artist or specialist in their field and offers different ways to get creative with classical music.

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Capture the ideas of raga and tala within Ravi Shankar’s Symphony with photographer Mahtab Hussain…

Write a rhyming couplet and turn it into a work of art with writer and artist Angry Dan…

Write a letter home from space with the National Space Centre…

Craft Nutcracker inspired paper chains with artist Julia Deering…

Explore beginnings with Beethoven…

Below is a weekly buffet of primary music activities from across the BBC. Each selection will include oven ready music and cross-curricular resources that can be used for home learning.

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Tasks to complete if Microsoft Teams is not available

See the BBC Bitesize link on Useful Websites below – activities are available for KS2 and KS3.

Write a song expressing your feelings could be linked with lockdown, a favourite activity, somebody you care about.

Listen to a piece of music and create a dance routine, a piece of art or a poem in response.

Design a musical instrument of the future. Practise your instrument or learn a new song and share it.

Research a musician who is new to you and find an interesting way of sharing what you have learned.

Useful Websites:

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