New challenge added W/C 7th July

Thank you to Ashleigh for this set of challenges, why don’t you have a listen over the summer.

New resources/work added W/C 29th June

Put on your dancing shoes whilst you listen to Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra. You can then learn some choreography with professional dancer Jordan Douglas.

Click on the image

New resources/work added W/C 15th June

Parents you will be pleased to hear that this is a quieter challenge 🙂

Get your imaginations going by creating your own Mythical Creature in response to Mason Bates  Anthology of Fantastic Zoology!

There is also a Kahoot quiz related to the piece which can be found by Clicking Here

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New resources/work added W/C 8th June

All Year Groups – Based on the same link as last week, but using the Mambo from West Side Story music found in that link, part 2 of the challenge is to learn the rhythm of the music.

Parents you are going to love this one :-)!

You don’t have to have a full 5-piece drum kit to take part – get those pots, pans and wooden spoons out of the kitchen and start playing along to the music. Mrs Dalby says it should be fun and would like you to send in videos of their recordings. You can upload into TEAMS.

There is even a Kahoot quiz related to the piece.

New resources/work added W/C 1st June

Click on the link below and follow the lessons provided

All Year Groups – Illustration inspired by Stravinsky’s ‘The Firebird’
Students, please send in artwork in response to Stravinky’s Firebird. You can upload it to the BBC (details in the link) and send it to Miss Dalby via the school email.

Listen to a piece of music each day (see the calendar below) and choose your favourite explaining why you liked it so much. Why not create your own 30 day music challenge?

Send your responses to Miss Dalby.

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