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To believe that your child can and will succeed. To believe that my child can and will succeed. To work to the best of my ability.
To set homework regularly, to mark homework and to ensure that you are aware of how much homework is expected. To encourage my child to do homework and to provide a suitable, quiet place for the work to be done. To complete homework to the best of my ability at the correct times.
To encourage good attendance and punctuality. To encourage my child to attend regularly and be punctual; to notify the school immediately in the event of illness. To attend school every day on time except where illness makes it impossible and then bring a note to school.
To encourage and expect a high standard of discipline, dress and demeanour around the school. To send my child in full uniform and with the required kit/equipment. To be prepared for school ie full school uniform and equipped for lessons.
To welcome you into the school and to offer regular appointments to discuss with you the work of your child. To attend official Parents’ Evenings to discuss the progress of my child and to let the school know of any problems. To respect other pupils and their property.
To encourage your child to take part in the many extra-curricular activities we offer. To encourage my child to take part in out of school activities To discuss my work with parents and teachers and to listen to advice.
To provide a broad, well taught and balanced curriculum. To encourage my child to behave properly at all times To fully contribute to school life.
To promote equality of opportunity for your child. To read newsletters and note the dates and content. To behave well in and out of school.
To keep parents informed by regular newsletters about the work of the school. To take home and deliver all newsletters and communications.