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‘Birchensale Middle School lies at the heart of the community. Our caring family values ensure the best possible environment for every pupil to realise their full potential’

The mathematics curriculum is designed to provide interest and challenge to all pupils. Each of the major topic areas (Number, Algebra, Geometry and Measures, Data Handling) are covered. The pitch and pace of work is sensitive to the rate at which pupils learn and enables pupils to have a deep understanding of the content. Teachers use a variety of resources and approaches to engage pupils. Expectations are kept high and progress is made by all pupils. Pupils can discover ways of solving problems and find in links between different areas of mathematics. The language of mathematics is international, it transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised. It provides learners with ways of describing and analysing the world. Pupils study mathematics to become functioning adults who can think mathematically enabling them to reason and solve problems.

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1st SumDog Competition Results
1st SumDog Competition Results

Please find below the results of our first SumDog Competition:

Fun Family Number Challenge

Can you work out all the answers to this fun family number challenge?

Maths Team Challenge
Maths Team Challenge

We were extremely proud of our Maths Team who represented the school at the UKMT Team Challenge.

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