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Welcome to Maths at BMS

Pupils at the school are taught Mathematics by a committed and enthusiastic team of teachers who look to establish positive relationships with their classes realising that children work best when they feel safe and valued. Pupils are largely organised in ability groups throughout the school, with some parallel groups for pupils of a similar ability.  This enables pupils to get the support they need and to take them forward at a pace that is right for them.

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Assessment is a combination of teacher assessment based on oral and written classwork and homework tasks coupled with formal assessments following completion of each topic.

Year 6 will also have a mock exam to help prepare them for their SATs.

Preparation is carefully planned and involves everything from pupils tackling exam questions in groups or pairs in lessons, to homework tasks, to mock papers.

The aim of the department is to support and extend pupils to foster confidence and progress.

Special Needs

Lower sets have a small numbers of pupils and are supported by teaching assistants to further help to meet the needs of the individual. The individual needs of each and every pupil is important to us and by identifying their specific needs this then helps us to enable them to reach their full potential in this vitally important subject. 

Gifted and Talented

Pupils are encouraged to extend their knowledge and understanding and have opportunities to attend more able workshops.

Calculation Policy for Mathematics


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