Music is an exciting and dynamic subject taught to every student at Birchensale once a week.

We have a well resourced department utilising a range of instruments from Djembes to Dhols, From keyboards to Ukuleles. We have a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments and have use of Garage Band on the Ipads. Every lesson is a practical hands on lesson where children are encouraged to get up and get involved. They often work independently but team work and ensemble skills are developed throughout KS 2 and 3.

During Year 5 the children learn about reading rhythms and pitches. They learn through singing songs and theme based projects such as The environment, The seasons and The BBC 10 Pieces.

During Year 6 the children further develop singing and song writing skills in addition to melody composition. They study Indian music, learning about the Classical forms of Raga and Tala in addition to the more popular styles of Bhangra and Bollywood.

During Year 7 the children study the African Gum Boot Dance and the West African drumming patterns also looking at graphic notation. In the spring term Year 7 learn about the creative style in Rap and Hip Hop and compose lyrics with a positive message. They develop keyboard and band musicianship skills when they study Blues music and Rock and Roll.

During Year 8 students learn about the Classical style of Theme and Variations, developing composition styles whilst learning Pachelbel’s Canon. Students study a variety of musical styles from the Caribbean in addition to learning more about Film Music.