With the Birchensale Middle School Achievement and Behaviour scheme embedded, behaviour at school continues to improve and enthusiasm for the reward system continues to grow.

As a caring community, Birchensale Middle School is determined to provide the right environment for every pupil to realise their full potential. We celebrate the successes of pupils every week at our commendation assemblies, with certificates, commendations, awards and achievement points. Many, many pupils have greatly enjoyed reward trips to Weston-Super-Mare, Blackwell Adventure and the Snowdome, as well as reward parties and prizes. This year up to 50% of the pupils at Birchensale Middle School will be rewarded for excellent achievements and superb behaviour with trips out of school.

Please encourage your children to join as many of the clubs available as they possibly can. All clubs at Birchensale Middle School, before, during and after school are all free and children receive achievement points just for attending. Good attendance at school is also rewarded with achievement points, as is regularly reading, working hard in lessons and good behaviour in and out of school.

Good luck to your children this year in our reward scheme.