Physical Education:

Pupils at Birchensale have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities, in line with government rules and expectations. Our Physical Education courses consist of gymnastics, dance, games, athletics, rowing, swimming and outdoor education. Our vast array of activities enables children to develop their skills, overcome personal challenges and express themselves in a safe and enjoyable environment. Pupils are constantly given the opportunity to develop their own personal skills and set themselves realistic targets relating what they can and want to achieve. A large emphasis is placed on pupils’ ability to work with others, including working as part of a team, providing sensitive feedback and even leading groups of children through the year 7 & 8 Leadership programme.

The age range of 9-13 is the best time to work with children in PE and sport, they are naturally enthusiastic and their ability to acquire skills is at its highest. Our Physical Education programmes are planned to take advantage of this critical period of development and cater for individual needs ensuring success and enjoyment.   Having specialist teachers from year 5, compared to schools in the 2 tier system who do not always receive specialist PE until year 7, ensures that pupils are developing skills of a higher level at a very young age

The school has excellent facilities, comparable with any Middle School and make excellent use of them with the activities on offer. Opportunities are provided for all pupils to display their skills through team matches, tournaments, competitions, festivals and displays both during and outside school hours. Pupils are also provided with opportunities to try new activities and conquer fears on water sports trips and outward bounds courses ranging from 1 day to 5 days staying overnight away from home.

The school and PE department are extremely proud of what is offered both in and out of school hours. Pupils enjoy PE, demonstrated by the progress that is made and the excellent attendance at school sports clubs.


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