The Ethos 

At Birchensale Middle School our positive behaviour reflects the values of the school, readiness to learn and respect for others. It is established through creating an environment where good conduct is more likely and poor conduct less likely. 

This behaviour curriculum is taught to all students, so that they understand what behaviour is expected and encouraged and what is prohibited. This is supported by positive reinforcement when expectations are met, while sanctions are required where rules are broken. Positive reinforcement and sanctions are both important and necessary to support the whole-school culture. 

What is a Behaviour Curriculum?

A behaviour curriculum defines the expected behaviours in school, rather than only a list of prohibited behaviours. It is centred on what successful behaviour looks like and defines it clearly for all parties. Our behaviour curriculum is not exhaustive, but represent the key habits and routines required in the school. 

Routines and Norms

Routines are used to teach and reinforce the behaviours expected of all students. Repeated practices promote the values of the school, positive behavioural norms, and certainty on the consequences of unacceptable behaviour. These routines are simple for everyone to understand and follow. 

The Birchensale Behaviour Curriculum

Our routines and norms for entering and exiting classrooms. 

Our routines and norms for learning and showing we are ready.

Our routines and norms for social time and corridors


The Behaviour Policy

Please see our behaviour policy within the polices section of the website here