Parents Evenings 2023/24 

At Birchensale we offer every year group the opportunity for parents to meet subject teachers following the dates listed below: 

Year Group Dates 
Year 8 Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th November 2023 
Years 5 & 6 Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th January 2024 
Year 7 Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th June 2024  

*Mondays are hosted in school, Wednesdays are virtual on Microsoft Teams 

How do parents’ evenings work? 

Year 5 – Parents will be offered a 10-minute appointment to meet their child’s class teacher and discuss key progress areas and anything else that may support their progress during the year. 

Years 6, 7 and 8 – Parents will be able to book 5-minute appointments to see all their child’s subject teachers to discuss progress and engagement. 

How do parents book appointments? 

Appointments will be available to book through your child during the week before their assigned parents evening date. A letter will be sent to all parents by MCAS to confirm the process in detail. 

Can I have a phone call rather than use Mircrosoft Teams? 

If you would prefer to speak to your child’s teachers via phone appointments, this can be arranged with the full details of how covered in the letter sent to all parents. 

What should I discuss during the appointment? 

As each appointment is quite short, we would suggest you use it to discuss progress in the specific subject and for more general areas of discussion, an appointment can be made with the pastoral team to support you further if needed.