The selection process starts in Year 7, where possible candidates are identified, but to be honest, many of them choose themselves, because of their positive attitude and good behaviour. 

The Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl are chosen by staff vote and they are automatically Prefects. 

House Captains and Vice Captains are chosen and they are allocated to year areas.  Studley to Year 8;  Beoley to Year 7; Bordesley to Year 6 and Ipsley to Year 5. 

Some of the duties that a Prefects are asked to carry out are as follows:-

  • They are allocated to a Year area to monitor at break time and lunch time.  This involves advising pupils to return to the playground, if that is where they should be. To refrain from messing and running about corridors and to remind them that behaviour around the school should be sensible and thoughtful.  Any poor behaviour will be reported to Head of Year or teachers and followed up immediately.
  • Prefects set a good example in lessons and around the whole school by behaving responsibly and helpfully.
  • Many Prefects are asked to help on ‘Open Evening’ or Parents Evenings and will often show parents around the school promoting our excellent ethos.

Being a Prefect, in middle school, allows pupils aged 13 to learn about and take on responsibilities, which can often be challenging, but ultimately rewarding in the future!