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‘Birchensale Middle School lies at the heart of the community. Our caring family values ensure the best possible environment for every pupil to realise their full potential’

PSHE&C at Birchensale Middle School aims to prepare children for real life and help them to value themselves as individuals and as members of society. We want our pupils to be equipped with the tools to make well informed choices which will benefit themselves and others as they grow and develop. Throughout PSHE&C at Birchensale we encourage the development of characteristics for life such as a love of learning, resilience, empathy, integrity, teamwork, critical thinking and independence. We promote a ‘family’ ideology within our lessons which celebrates diversity and our PSHE&C curriculum reflects the values and ideologies of our multicultural community.

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National Curriculum

There is no KS2 National Curriculum although the Department for Education has provided guidance.

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