Subject Vision

‘Birchensale Middle School lies at the heart of the community. Our caring family values ensure the best possible environment for every pupil to realise their full potential’

At Birchensale Middle School, we aim to develop our pupils reading skills and encourage them to not only read to gain knowledge but also for pleasure and enjoyment. We believe reading improves their life chances and provides them with the tools needed to understand whether what they are reading is factual and informative and therefore develop their life skills. At Birchensale Middle School, we think that reading can open doors for our pupils and help them to gain experiences, improve language and vocabulary skills.

The pupils at Birchensale Middle School have access to a wide variety of quality texts in the dedicated library. All teacher’s also use quality texts in their teaching and reading opportunities are provided across all areas of the curriculum. We also know that reading at home is an essential part of our pupils becoming excellent readers and because of this, we encourage parents to monitor their child’s reading, by filling in their reading record and checking their reading progress on the Accelerated reader website. This is an important source of communication between home and school and opens dialogue between pupils, parents and teacher.

By providing pupils with a wide range of reading opportunities and reading choice, ensures our pupils become enthusiastic and independent readers.

How this looks in our school

  • A well-resourced library with specialist librarian
  • AR reading programme which includes suitable reading material for the more able pupils.
  • Reading passport scheme,
  • Dedicated weekly library lessons,
  • Time to listen to and enjoy reading, especially during afternoon form time.
  • Providing comics, magazines and newspapers for reading,
  • Giving lots of choice over reading materials, genre and subjects,
  • Having a broad reading programme embedded in our English curriculum map,
  • Book clubs,
  • Making time for discussion and responses about what is being read,
  • Linking texts and reading across the curriculum,
  • Supporting parents to their children with reading at home,
  • Highlighting to our pupils how reading helps them to progress in other areas
  • Staff modelling reading for pleasure,
  • Reading that is embedded across the curriculum with opportunities to exploit reading in all areas,
  • Targeted support for the weaker readers in school.
  • Pupils will be challenged to read more,
  • An increase in the amount of reading in school and the application of reading and phonics skills,
  • A supportive learning environment where reading confidence is nurtured,
  • Reading mentors,
  • Incentives and rewards for reading,
  • Book fairs

Reading Policy

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