On the 18th November, our Eco team visited Envirosort, Severn Waste, Worcester. We arrived there at 10:20a.m. and we were introduced to the recycling site. Our first task was to mine for Bauxite, which is ore and used to make Aluminium. We were trying to separate the “Bauxite” from the sand, instead of using real Bauxite we used chocolate buttons with sprinkles. Out of the chocolate we only wanted the sprinkles!

The second thing we did was we took a tour around the recycling factory! We were amazed by the factory and how it was in working order! Also the tour guide Kate gave us a very detailed, informative description about how the factory works.

Our final activity was paper making! We used recycled shreds of paper and water to make something called pulp. After we used a wooden sieve to mould the paper.

At 2:00p.m. we left the building and headed back to school! All in all we had an amazing day at recycling centre! We would love to go back there again in the future! Also we learnt many things from visiting the centre such as: what we can and can’t recycle in our bins. We would like thank Miss Evans for organising the trip and also a thanks to Envirosort for sorting out the activities for us to do!