zzz OLD Religious Education

Here at Birchensale Middle School, Religious Education at is taught following the Local Authorities ‘Agreed Syllabus’. Through our collective worship and Religious Education lessons, we endeavour to teach the children to have a caring and tolerant attitude towards all people and to understand the need for good relationships.

We teach children to appreciate and practice the values of honesty, truthfulness, generosity and respect for other people. We aim to provide positive help for pupils in their personal search for meaning, purpose and values.

Religious Education seeks to enable pupils to acquire a substantial body of knowledge and depth of understanding about Christianity and other religious faiths and to help pupils to understand something of the nature of religious beliefs and practices. We aim to help children to appreciate the importance and influence these have on the lives of believers.

Parents have a right to withdraw their children during Religious Education lessons or assemblies. Please contact the school for further information.