KS2 Results:

Data from Key Stage 2 SAT's testing May 2018 for Birchensale Middle School

Individual Subject Attainment (% of pupils achieving expected standard, compared to National average).

                                                          Birchensale                             National                              

Reading:                                                  78%                                        75%                                          

Writing:                                                   79%                                        78%                                         

Maths:                                                     75%                                        75%

Grammar, punctuation & spelling (GPS)       79%                                        70%

Combined (Reading, Writing, Maths)           70%                                        64%


Average scaled score per pupil (100 represents expected scaled score for the 'average pupil')

Average scaled score in reading             105.0

Average scaled score in GPS                  106.3

Average scaled score in maths               102.8


Progress measures: KS1 to KS2 

Reading progress score                       +0.9  

Writing progress score                        +0.1 

Maths progress score                          -0.9  


To access 'Performance League Table data on Birchensale Middle School' for 2017 click on the respective link below : 

BMS Performance League Table 2017     KS2 Performance data 2017 

Previously "The National Association of Head Teachers urges strong caution in the use of test data from primary schools in 2016. As a result of dramatic changes to the tests themselves and mistakes in their design, the data is not a reliable measure of school or pupil performance. It should not be compared to past years or to results in other schools. The government have also urged caution in the use of the results and have said that the 2016 results alone cannot be used for formal intervention in schools."