Birchensale is a mainstream Middle School for pupils from Year 5 to Year 8. Pupils join the school in Year 5 from up to fifteen different First Schools. We are a fully inclusive school and offer a wide range of support and provision in order to meet the many individual needs of our pupils.

All children are special! However, some require more particular provision and may need to work in smaller groups or receive more dedicated adult support at some stage in their time at the school.

Our aim is to identify areas where children may be under achieving or having learning difficulties at an early stage. We identify those with additional needs using local guidance, and inform parents if we think children require additional support. We assess all children regularly and plan for their provision in class and any additional interventions in a smaller group. This is recorded in a pupil profile. For those on the SEN register progress is reviewed and outcomes agreed throughout the school year with parents and children. Our SEN register is reviewed at regular intervals, and it is possible for pupils to move on and off throughout the year. Pupils may also be assessed for and issued with an EHCP during the year following a period of consultation with the Local Authority. 

This academic year, 22% of our pupils are placed on the SEN register compared to the national figure of 15.4%. Pupils at SEN Support are 19.4% compared to the national figure of 12.1%. Those with an EHCP make up 2.7%, slightly lower than the national figure of 3.3%. However, in Years 5 and 8 the figure is well above national average (Year 5 – 5.3% and Year 8 – 3.6%). Overall, we offer a wide range of support and provision to a higher than national average number of pupils with SEND. 

We aim to work closely with parents and children, respond to any concerns and celebrate achievements.

Professionals Involved by the School

SEN provision in school is overseen by Ms R Smith, our SENCO, who works in partnership with teachers and teaching assistants and a range of external educational specialists as required, including: Educational Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Outreach Team, Support Service for Autism, Speech Therapist, Behaviour Support Team, Occupational Therapy, Downs Syndrome Support, Language and Communication Advisory Teacher.

SENCO: Ms Rachel Smith (Tel: 01527 68430)
SEN Governor: Mrs Helen Smith

Special Educational Needs Policy

Please click below to download our current Special Educational Needs Policy.

Special Educational Needs Policy

Special Educational Needs Annual Report

Please click below to download our current Special Educational Needs Report.

Special Educational Needs Annual Report