To help us to help you, please get involved with some of our activities and challenges on this page, which we will add to during the upcoming weeks…

Activity Four: Puzzle Pieces

At Birchensale, we celebrate our strengths and achievements. We also strive to improve and set ourselves challenges and targets. Complete the puzzle template below with the following pieces:

1) Your name
2) Your strengths or what you’re good at
3) Things you find difficult
4) A target for your first year at Birchensale when you join us

See ‘Puzzle Pieces’ as examples below:

Complete your ‘Puzzle Pieces’ and email a photo or scanned copy to:

Activity Three: Dear Teacher

We hope you enjoyed the story and it made you giggle. We would like you to use your imagination and think of some funny excuses why you can’t come to school – maybe you’re too busy training to be a pilot of a new robot helicopter or you’ve been kidnapped by aliens… be as imaginative and funny as possible. The Year Five staff like to have a good giggle! To help you to write your letter, there are two templates (below) which you can print off; otherwise, you could create your own letter with images around like the example from the book (below). We would really love to hear your letters, so please email them to

Example Letter

Activity Two: Silly Billy and his Worry Dolls

Your activity is to create your own Worry Doll and share your worries about coming to Birchensale. By sharing your worries, you can give yourself time to think about what is worrying you; we can help to solve your worries and make you feel better. Please email any worries, photos or scanned Worry Dolls to:

It would be useful if you can include your first name and your first school, so we can get to know you too!

There are two options for this activity; feel free to have a go at both options.

Activity One: The Detective Dog

Dotty hopes that you enjoyed listening to her mum reading her favourite book. Nell sounds like such a cool and wonderful dog! 
Dotty would love to know your favourite books, so for activity three, complete the book review below. You can send your completed reviews to Dotty: Dotty can’t wait to hear lots of you read to her when you join us too! 

Book Review Template