Welcome to Year Five – Parents & Carers Information

Thank you for choosing Birchensale Middle School for the next step in your child’s educational journey. We are looking forward to welcoming your child and meeting you and your families as soon as we can.

Consent Form and Data Collection 

As you can imagine there is a lot of information that the school needs to know about your child. It is important that all the data we hold is accurate.

Please complete the two forms to ensure we have the correct information about your child.

To access the Data Collection Form Click Here

To access the Consent Form Click Here


At Birchensale, our uniform is very important: the purpose of the school uniform is to encourage the pupils to identify with our school. By wearing a school uniform, in school and on the way to and from school, all pupils will have a sense of belonging and be proud of their school. Please check the School Uniform Policy before purchasing any items of clothing for your child. Our supplier for items with the Birchensale crest is Orchard Clothing, but many items can be purchased in other high street shops. We would ask that you pay particular attention to the acceptable shoes picture as boots, trainers and other branded footwear are not acceptable.

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, you can receive a Uniform Voucher for the start of Year 5. This enables you to order a free set of school uniform from Orchard Clothing for your child. If you think you are entitled to a Uniform Voucher, please contact us with your details by email enquiries@birchensale.worcs.sch.uk.

View the School Uniform Policy Click Here

To order School Uniform from Orchard Clothing Click Here


At Birchensale, we are a cashless school, and our system for payments in school is ParentPay. We no longer accept cash in school; parents can top up their child’s ParentPay account online. ParentPay is used to make payments for items such as: lunches and break tuck, trips, tickets for events, locker keys and replacement school ties. You can monitor how much your child spends at break and lunch and their food choices via your account. You are also asked to use ParentPay to give your consent for trips and visits. You will receive details of how to set up an account with ParentPay, as well as your password details, when your child starts with us.

Before and After School

School begins at 8.45 a.m. All pupils are expected to be on the playground by 8.40 a.m.

Breakfast Club is in the school hall every morning. It starts at 7.50a.m. and pupils who are attending should come in through the main entrance. This is free to all pupils and they can purchase breakfast if they wish.

The library opens at 8.15 a.m. for pupils to read or complete homework. It is also open every day from 3.15p.m. until 5.00p.m. There is a library shop, open at lunchtimes, where pupils can buy pens, pencils and other stationery as well as lanyards and key rings for locker keys. The library shop takes cash payments, but please do not send your child into school with large amounts of cash as none of the items are expensive. A price list is on display in the library.

Questions and Answers for Parents and Carers

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA @ Birchensale has been very successful historically in raising funds for the students in school.  We have purchased a Sat Nav to use in the school minibuses and donated a large sum towards the repair of the ‘Activity Trail’. We are hoping to raise awareness would like you to join us in raising funds and have some fun as well.  In the past we have held ‘Movie Nights’ and also a very successful ‘Fish & Chip Quiz Night’. If you are interested in becoming part of the PTA @ Birchensale we would love to hear from you. Please contact Louise Manning in the school office by email: lmm101@birchensale.worcs.sch.uk

The staff at Birchensale hope that this section of the website will help you with preparations to support your child ready for their transition from first school to middle school. It is a daunting experience for children without the additional uncertainties that we are currently faced with.  

We are already liaising with first schools about students to help support them the best we can, and we are in the process of organising other transition activities to do this; however, we are sure you can understand, there is a lot to think about to ensure the safety of the children and our staff, so please be patient with us. 

If you have any questions, enquiries or information you feel that we should know about your child prior to them starting, please contact Miss Evans or the Office via email: 
HeadofYear5@birchensale.worcs.sch.uk or