Welcome to Year Five – Tour of our school (2020)

We hope the map of the school and the video tours will help you to know where the main places are at Birchensale. Please do not worry, when you join us, there are lots of people who will help you if you get lost. After a few weeks, you will know your way around, and it will feel like you have been here for a long time.  The Year Five area is where your form room will be, and you will see your form teacher for registration each morning and afternoon; the doors in the Year Five area are all blue.

Map of the School

‘Whizz-Stop’ Tour

Detailed Tour

1. School Entrance

4. The Bungalow

7. Design Technology

10. Computer Room & Library

2. Dining Hall & Tuck Area

5. The Field, Activity
Trail and Playground

8. Science

11. Year 5 Area including Music

3. The Sports Hall

6. J5

9. Art

12. General

The End