‘Birchensale Middle School lies at the heart of the community. Our caring family values ensure the best possible environment for every pupil to realise their full potential’

At Birchensale Middle School Music is a unique subject with the ability to take students and teachers on a learning journey beyond the classroom and the confines of our own life experiences. Music at Birchensale Middle School should challenge and excite students to explore emotions, cultures, and mindsets, in a supportive way. At Birchensale Middle School Music is for everyone and as such everyone should feel empowered to take part and grow in confidence with music.

Music at Birchensale Middle School should always be taught in a practical way, developing knowledge of the elements of music, skills of musicianship and understanding of how to apply these skills whilst making music. Through acquiring these skills children will reinforce their processes of resilience and empathy, creativity, and organisation; those skills which they will draw upon in whatever walk of life they find themselves taking.

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