At Birchensale Middle school, we aim to make the transition from KS2 into KS3 seamless. Year 7 focuses on creating an environment, in which pupils can be successful – by rewarding achievements and good pastoral choices as well as encouraging pupils to become more independent.  

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Year 7’s experienced and well-qualified team of teachers. 

Virtual Meet the Teacher 2020

The Year Seven Team

Mr Sullivan

Mr Sullivan

Head of Year Seven

Mr Spafford

Mr Spafford

Year Seven Teacher

Mr Mills


Year Seven Teacher and Head of Computing



Year Seven Teacher and Head of Mathematics



Year Seven Teacher and Head of KS3 Humanities



Year Seven Teacher

Miss Vaughan, teaches History and Geography; focusing on encouraging pupils to be independent learners and finding evidence to back up opinion. Miss Vaughan is well travelled and brings a refreshing world outlook to life.

Mr Mills, who loves the school so much he has returned, as he was once a pupil here! Mr Mills teaches Computer skills and is a huge help to pupils and Year 7 staff.

Miss Tate is Head of the Maths department and is currently implementing a curriculum which helps the pupils to solve problems and work independently. Miss Tate is also well travelled and brings a wealth of information to all Year 7 pupils.

Mr Spafford is in the PE department and has been instrumental in introducing new sports to the school, such as Rugby League. He brings his level head to the year area, giving pupils excellent advice on how to be better prepared for future life.

Mrs Wilshaw is an English expert and is able to unlock the pupils’ imaginations through reading and writing.

We are also joined by a strong team of Teaching Assistants, who help us to support all our pupils to access our diverse and challenging curriculum.

Finally, my name is Mr Sullivan and I am Head of Year 7. I believe that every pupil in Year 7 should be made to feel like they belong in the family atmosphere created by this school. That all pupils feel they can ask questions, be curious and strive to be successful. I believe the strong team we have in Year 7 motivates pupils to achieve their very best in the way they present themselves; the way they approach their work; the way they treat others.

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

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